Meet Erik.

Native New Englander. Musician. Travel adventurer. And your local, accessible website guy, ready to help.

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Over 20 Years Experience

I’ve worked with websites and technology for over 20 years, helping businesses and organizations of all sizes, especially small- to medium-sized ones.

Whether you want to keep and tweak your existing website, or build a new one, I can work with you. I am effective working with people of all backgrounds, technical or not, to ensure the website product is intuitive, easy-to-use, and serves your customers and audience successfully.

Rates are simple and geared to your preference: ad-hoc (per-hour) or project-based. It’s free to talk so feel free to reach out; let’s explore the possibilities!

Website Project Vision

A new or redesigned website takes real planning and effort. I am a skilled collaborator and bring you technical experience, a keen desire to understand your business, and the desire to create a product that works for you and your audience. Working together, we’d make a strong team!


Listen to your needs, explore possibilities, and learn about problems and challenges.


We work together to explore options and arrive at an approach and design, taking branding and style into account.


I get to work on the plan, turning your website dreams into reality.  After a review period, the site goes live!


For a time, any errors or small tweaks are made as part of basic-level support. More longer-term or comprehensive support is available.